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Meeting Minutes of May 19, 2015
Approved on 6/23/15

I.  Welcome and Introductions
Present:  Jessica Callahan, Ovieda Elliott, Sydney Fisher Larson, Mark Lovelace, Rebecca Lowry, Dian Pecora, Ronnie Swartz
Staff:  Wendy Rowan, Andrea Sousa
Consultants:  Kim Puckett, Nancy Howatt
Guests:  Irene Gil, Elaine DuBois, Beth Heavilin, Meg Walkley, Taffy Stockton, Amy Whitlatch, Jeanine Lancaster, Jeanette Hurst
Absent: Susan Buckley, Sheryl Lyons

 Jessica Callahan called the meeting to order at 5:05 pm

 II.  Public Comments and Announcements
Jessica Callahan thanked Evaluator Kim Puckett for her presentation of the Annual Evaluation Report at the last meeting.  The Annual Evaluation Report is an important document for the Commission in considering future funding decisions by being able to see ongoing positive evaluation results of the funded programs. As Prop.10 funding declines, ongoing positive evaluation results of funded programs are going to be critical in making future funding decisions.

 III.  Executive Director Report

  • Wendy shared a letter from the State Controller’s office about the annual audit report.  It states that our audit report for FY13/14 met the minimum reporting standards, which means our audit report did not contain any deficiencies.
  • The Evaluation Summary of the recently held “Nature Inspired Play” workshop at College of the Redwoods on 5/2/15 was routed.
  • Commissioners received an article about a mother’s view on childhood vaccinations.
  • The Spring Edition of the humkids newsletter was given out, which includes an article by Commissioner Lowry, and an article about the 5 Protective Factors, written by Meg Walkley and Beth Heavilin.
  • Meg Walkley and Beth Heavilin will attend the Zero To Three conference in Seattle. They have been selected to present.
  • The red folder was routed, which included a “Get Well” card for Commissioner Buckley, some newsletter articles, the Agenda for the Spring Parent & Family Support workshop, and the First 5 Briefings of April 2015.
  • Please submit any nominations for recognition for the June meeting to Andrea by June 1st.

 IV.  Approval of Minutes:
A.      Commission meeting minutes of March 24, 2015
B.      Commission meeting minutes of April 16, 2015
ACTION:  The meeting minutes of March 24, 2015 and the meeting minutes of April 16, 2015 were approved as written.

V.   Consent Calendar:
A.      February 2015 Postings
B.      March 2015 Postings
C.      Cal Card Credit Card Program
D.      Humboldt County WIC Program
E.       Evaluator for Fiscal Years 2015/16 & 2016/17
ACTION:  All Consent Calendar items were approved as presented.

VI.  Action Item:  Healthy Beverage Policy
Several draft versions of the Healthy Beverage Policy, including a Healthy Beverage & Refreshment Policy, were reviewed at prior meetings, and Commissioners suggested to stay with the Healthy Beverage Policy.  Some enhancements were made to the Policy and it is recommended to approve the Healthy Beverage Policy as presented. The Healthy Beverage Policy will apply to children in First 5 Humboldt funded programs, and adults attending First 5 Humboldt meetings and event.
ACTION: The Healthy Beverage Policy was adopted as presented.

VII.  Action Item:  Annual Program Evaluation Team Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2015/16
The Program Evaluation Team (PET) Recommendations for the TOOTH Program, the Multiple Assistance Center, the Library Partnership, and the Blue Lake Community Resource Center were reviewed at the last meeting. Commissioners reviewed the following programs:

Paso a Paso:  Historically, this program has been a very strong program.  Staff has been involved in the promotores movement, and staff is well-liked and respected by parents and in the community.  Other community program staff continue to call upon Paso a Paso staff for assistance in anything related to working with the Hispanic/Latino community, which adds to the already heavy workload.  One of the programmatic recommendation for the new Fiscal Year is for Paso a Paso to provide services and activities that promote/integrate the five protective factors.  Staff recently attended the Parent & Family Support workshop, which included training in the five protective factors. The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $50,000.

Nurse Family Partnership: The Nurse Family Partnership program is one of the few programs in Humboldt County for pregnant/parenting teens. Survey results show good health outcomes for participating mothers & births of children. Parents’ comments are very positive about the program.  A concern is getting parents connected with other parents. Kim Puckett shared that Kathryn O’Malley is very responsive to our requests and suggestions. Rebecca Lowry announced that her husband has made a 5-8 minute video about a Nurse Family Partnership program participant and would like to share the video at a future meeting. One of the Programmatic Recommendation is to explore ways to encourage parents to participate in First 5 funded playgroups and library programs. The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $66,805 and execute a 2-year agreement.

0-5 Health Access Worker:  With the transition of health care coverage offered by the Affordable Care Act, the 0-5 Health Access Worker’s work is continuing to expand beyond finding health insurance for children age 0-5 and their families. Staff is working more in a family resource center capacity, and the 0-8 Health Access Worker continues to visit First 5 funded programs and playgroups. The PET recommendation is that the 0-5 Health Access Worker integrate with Paso a Paso program, and to maintain current funding in the amount of $48,900 for the next two years.

Children’s Dental Strategic Plan: The work of the Dental Strategic Plan has been collecting local data and providing a report “Healthy Teeth for Life.” There has been miscommunication with the Consultant about using the Scope of Work and Evaluation Plan for reporting purposes, which will be addressed in the new Fiscal Year. The Consultant has resubmitted the mid-year report. The PET recommendation is to continue support in the amount of up to $25,000 annually for the term of the current agreement with Public Health.

KEET TV – Ready To Learn:  The Coordinator continues to interface with many First 5 funded programs throughout the County and is well-liked by children and families. The PET recommendation for the new Fiscal Year is to continue to partner with KEET in addressing screen time use within families, and to continue funding in the amount of $12,000, and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Hoopa School Readiness:  The primary oversight for the program was restructured from the school district to the Tribe this Fiscal Year. A major delay in starting the program was that a contract with the Tribe was not been executed until January 2015.  The program just recently hired a School Readiness Coordinator and a playgroup will start by the end of May 2015. The PET recommendation is, per executed agreement, to receive the report of activity by July 30, 2015. The Program Evaluation Team then will be convened to review the report and make a recommendation for the Commission to act upon at the August 2015 meeting.

Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center:  This program is still in its developmental phase. The oversight of the program is Catholic Charities.  The original coordinator resigned mid-year and a new coordinator was hired. The Betty Chinn Day Center is a Triple P site, but Triple P services are just starting to occur. The Day Center is a welcoming environment for the homeless population.  Kim Puckett suggested that the children’s room should be more child friendly. With the closure of the Multiple Assistance Center for families, it is anticipated that the Betty Chinn Day Center will end up serving more homeless families. Concerns for the 0-5 age group is that the screen time for children seems very high. The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $50,000 and execute a 2-year agreement.  Commissioner Swartz questioned executing a 2-year agreement, and suggested doing a 1-year agreement. The screen time concern was discussed and it was suggested to re-frame the question in the survey or to use a different tool to evaluate screen time of the 0-5 age group. Commissioner Lowry suggested adding some of the “Standards” indicators in the Evaluation Plan. Kim also offered doing a focus group session at the Day Center next Fiscal Year. Wendy said she will contact First 5 Sonoma (they also are funding Catholic Charities in their county), and will talk to them about evaluation tools/outcomes. Commissioner Lovelace suggested adding performance measures to the second year of the Agreement.  Commissioners discussed strengthening the Evaluation Plan for year 2 of the Agreement. Commissioner Pecora shared that the Day Center has strong support from the community and other agencies.  Wendy encouraged Commissioner in doing ongoing site visits to the Day Center during the Fiscal Year and give input for the Evaluation Plan for year 2 of the Agreement.

Humboldt County Office of Education Partnership/Children & Family Support Specialist & Inclusion Specialist:  The Partnership with the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) continues to thrive.  The Specialists are very skilled and able to work with families and providers equally well. Both Specialists have specialized training in Early Childhood Mental Health and are continuing to provide leadership in that arena.  Playgroup families and staff have very positive comments about the Specialist. Both Specialists continue to have a heavy workload, and a Programmatic Recommendation is to focus on giving direct services to playgroups, and to discontinue phone/e-mail consultation with other PFS programs. Wendy explained that with hiring a Family Resource Center (FRC) Consultant, some of the work can be re-directed to help reduce Meg’s and Beth’s time spent providing technical assistance to the FRCs. Meg Walkley shared that her 80% time includes time spent with other service providers, developing and providing technical assistance and training, in addition to her work with the playgroups.  Wendy announced that the Program Evaluation Team is recommending for the Specialists to do quarterly time studies. Meg shared that Cindi Kaup is advocating for clerical support for Meg and Beth to help reduce their workload. Beth Heavilin shared that they are also advocating for more space at HCOE. The PET recommendation is to continue funding to account for salary and benefit increases over 3 fiscal years, and to execute a 3-year Agreement with HCOE.

Mattole Valley Resource Center:  The Mattole Valley Resource Center is still in development. The Staff is doing a great job of engaging with the families and is well-liked by the community. The playgroup leader is very reflective about her work and is dedicated to the families. She is interested in better serving all families and learning more about being responsive to children with special needs and challenging behaviors.  In past fiscal years, we funded the Mattole Valley Resource Center through our designated Safety Net funds and we are now moving them into the core programs. Staff at the Mattole Valley Resource Center is doing a lot of bridging work in the community, which is very fragile and challenging. Families are very isolated and it is challenging to provide parent education information to them. Wendy said that the Family Resource Center Consultant will be able to lend technical assistance to the Mattole Valley Resource Center staff. The PET recommendation is to increase funding to $18,000 and to execute a 2-year Agreement.

McKinleyville Family Resource Center:  The work of the McKinleyville Family Resource Center (FRC) is accelerating and staff is working on providing services and activities to families. Commissioner Lowry remarked that McKinleyville has a high number of Native American families and would like to see that cultural competency is in place at the FRC.  Wendy shared that one of the Programmatic Recommendation is to increase skills to provide appropriate outreach and a welcoming environment to diverse families and caregivers, including but not limited to those who reflect diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, income or ability. Also a concern is that some of the parenting indicators have decreased for the second year in a row for the 0-5 population and that technical assistance will be offered to the FRC staff. The PET recommendation is to increase funding to $35,000 and to execute a 2-year Agreement. Wendy said that our First 5 funds help the FRC to leverage other funding. McKinleyville is in the process of securing funds to build a regional FRC.  Taffy Stockton shared that with a centralized FRC in McKinleyville, she expects to see an increase in families. The current facility has limited space and with the new facility, the FRC will be able to serve more families.

Willow Creek Community Resource Center:  A new playgroup leader has been hired and she has a good working relationship with the Resource Center, the School, and the Church that is offering the playgroup space. The playgroup is thriving, and the playschool now is free to the community and a part of the First 5 funding. With turn-over in Resource Center staff, it has been difficult to get requested First 5 evaluation materials. Also, a better connection between the Resource Center and the playgroup needs to be established. Technical assistance will be offered to the newly hired Resource Center staff. Programmatic recommendations include doing outreach to fathers to welcome them into the playgroup; and doing outreach to low income, less resourced families, and families with children with special needs, to get them involved in playgroup and playschool. The PET recommendation is to continue funding at $33,000, and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Southern Humboldt Playgroups:  Kim Puckett announced that there has been confusion about data sources for Health Insurance Coverage. She said that an error occurred in doing the data entry and that health insurance information was provided by Lisa Henninger. Lisa is a consistent support in Southern Humboldt and she remains committed to her work. She trains the playgroup leaders at all of the playgroup sites throughout Southern Humboldt. All of the playgroup leaders are enthusiastic and are doing a great job in planning activities suitable for children age 0-5. Lisa also is very responsive to requests and suggestions from First 5 staff and evaluators. The Miranda playgroup space continues to be on the demolition list, and a new site needs to be found. The Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center no longer is connected with the School District, but the School District has agreed to keep Lisa as an employee and as the 0-5 Coordinator. The PET recommendation is to increase funding to $50,000 and execute a 2-year Agreement, in order to sustain Lisa’s position with the School District.

Humboldt Community Switchboard and Women & Children’s Fund:  The Switchboard continues to be a resource for families needing referrals and information.  The number of calls continue to increase, including calls from pregnant women, as do the number of the follow-up calls.  The Switchboard now is a 2-1-1 line, and outreach has been done by staff to promote the 2-1-1 line.  A concern is the capacity to serve the Spanish speaking population, as they mostly use phone “translation services.”  During the school year, bilingual interns placed by Humboldt State University are available to assist Spanish speaking families.  Jeanette said she appreciates the placement of the interns during the school year. She also shared that the 2-1-1 line is now the contact for all homeless members in the community. Commissioner Pecora said she appreciates the 2-1-1 line, because they keep an extensive resource list, which is always updated. The Women & Children’s Fund has assisted 81 families of children age 0-5. Requests were for items such as counseling, medical bills, strollers, bed/cribs, safety equipment, and high chairs.  The Programmatic Recommendation is to increase the capacity to serve the Spanish speaking population.  The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $15,000, with $10,000 allocated to the Switchboard and $5,000 allocated to the Women & Children’s Fund; and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS):  MOPS continues to be very welcoming and supportive to women attending the program. Child care during meetings has multiple rooms for different ages with age-appropriate activities. MOPS activities include arts & crafts, guest speakers, information about services, programs, and events in the community. MOPS members have a strong connection to Foster Care and several MOPS members are becoming Foster Parents. The PET recommendation is to continue funding at $5,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Fortuna Playgroup:  The Fortuna playgroup is now up and running at Lifehouse Church, after being without a site for several months. The bilingual leader is very dedicated and is doing a nice job being welcoming and responsive to both English and Spanish speaking families. A Paso a Paso staff member, and First 5 consultant Laura Power, are regularly visiting the playgroup to offer support. The playgroup leader still needs to get up to speed in turning in required First 5 forms on time. First 5 staff will provide T.A. on reporting and evaluation forms. Of concern is the limited attendance of English speaking families. One of the Programmatic Recommendation is to for the playgroup leader to provide outreach to all members of the community to increase the number of children at playgroup, and to help the community learn that the playgroup is open and available to everyone, not only Spanish speaking families. The PET recommendation is to continue funding of $3,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Rio Dell Playgroup:  The Rio Dell Community Center moved out of the School recently, but playgroup activities are still being held at the School (Head Start room). A new bi-lingual playgroup leader was hired recently, and the playgroup has had an increase in Spanish speaking families, but also a decrease in English speaking families.  Diverse populations within this community have difficulty coming together. The new playgroup leader is in need to be trained in regards to Bottom Line & Best Practices. Technical Assistance will be provided. Last year, the funding for the Playgroup was increased in order to offer playgroup twice a week, therefore the PET recommendation is to decrease funding to $5,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Trinidad Tots:  Playgroup leadership in Trinidad is very fragile.  The current playgroup leader that began at the beginning of the Fiscal Year is leaving the position. Finding a right match for this group has been challenging. The leader has not been able to make connection with the core group of families attending. In addition, the playgroup leader is not turning in requested First 5 forms on time. Communication between First 5 staff and the playgroup leader is a challenge. Better oversight of the playgroup is needed.  Meg is offering her assistance to the School District in creating a job description for the new playgroup leader, and is willing to assist with the interview process. The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $2,000, contingent upon:  1. A 1-year Agreement with the School District to serve as the fiscal agent for the playgroup is executed by August 31, 2015; and 2. A 1-year Agreement with the City of Trinidad to provide the facility for the playgroup is executed by August 31, 2015.

FUN Play Center:  A core group of parents/caregivers attend the play center, and are very supportive of each other.  The primary playgroup leader has been in the position for over a year and has developed a relationship with the families.  This has been problematic in the past, due to constant change in playgroup leaders. Staff turnover continues to be an issue, and it has been hard to hire and retain a second staff person. Equipment and toys are well used and in need of being replenished. It is recommended to seek funding to restock worn equipment. Of concern was the delayed time frame to execute the Agreement with the City of Eureka. This meant that Meg and Beth were unable to offer support for this group for the first 4 months of the Fiscal Year. The playgroup site does not use of tricycles, wagons, etc. which impacts the quality of large motor play activities. One of the Programmatic Recommendation is to explore ways to better provide activities that are developmentally appropriate, and for activities that focus on large motor skills. The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $10,000, contingent upon receiving the signed 1-year Agreement from the City of Eureka no later than August 17, 2015.

Manila FRC:  The restructure of the Manila Family Resource Center (FRC) and playgroup has been going well.  The newly hired playgroup leader has an early childhood education background. The Community Services District is actively engaged in the Standards workgroup, and the new FRC coordinator has expressed excitement in regards to the 0-5 work. The playgroup is up and running now, and the number of playgroup attendance is slowly increasing. Programmatic Recommendation includes identifying ways to welcome fathers to the playgroup.  The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $20,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement with the Manila Community Services District.

Discovery Museum:  The Discovery Museum has been temporarily housed at the Jefferson Community Center.  The temporary space has been set up in an inviting manner and has been well utilized by the community.  Currently, the Discovery Museum is moving into the permanent facility and will re-open during the Summer. Both the Director and the playgroup leader have been very responsive to technical assistance and have made positive changes in the playgroup. Playgroup staff now interacts more with the parents. Programmatic Recommendation includes incorporating circle time in playgroup activities; and outreach to Spanish families.  Technical assistance from First 5 staff will be provided.  The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $20,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement.

Arcata Play Center:  The Arcata Play Center has consistently been a busy playgroup site.  Parent comments on surveys are very positive and the number of attendees has increased a lot this year.  Due to the increase in participants, playgroup leaders need to increase their awareness to be diligent about getting to know new families and supporting them in a consistent manner.  Programmatic recommendation includes providing additional training and support for playgroup leaders, so leaders are better able to engage in a consistently supportive manner with families.  The PET recommendation is to continue funding at $14,000 and execute a 2-year Agreement.

McKinleyville Playgroup: Playgroup staff at the McKinleyville Playgroup is developing program strategies to improve parental participation at playgroup. The playgroup leader has taken on the leadership of providing support to other new leaders.  The playgroup has been having some staffing concerns and many of the issues fall upon the shoulders of the playgroup leader.  Programmatic Recommendation includes working with Laura Power to explore ways to increase group diversity.  The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $14,389 and execute a 2-year Agreement.

Orleans Playgroup:  The playgroup leader has grown into a role of a community leader.  Attendance at the playgroup has increased. The Mid Klamath Watershed Council, who rents the building to the playgroup, has been very supportive, even building storage space and moving the playgroup to a well-lit area. Families at the playgroup are interested in having the playgroup expanded to a second day to help bridge isolation in this community. First 5 Humboldt continues to serve as the fiscal agent for the playgroup. The Programmatic Recommendation includes ensuring that outreach, inclusion and program activities are culturally proficient.  The PET recommendation is to increase funding to $3,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement with the Playgroup leader and with the Mid Klamath Watershed Council.

Tiny Tots:  The playgroup leaders are very dedicated and continue to create a family style environment.  The main playgroup leader is very good in keeping First 5 staff informed about staffing changes and family issues, and is very responsive to technical assistance.  She continuously looks for resources for playgroup parents, and offers a safe, welcoming environment for the families. The church is committed to the playgroup and is providing matching funds.  Parent survey comments continue to be very positive.  Hand washing is a challenge that this group is continually working to improve. The Programmatic Recommendation includes exploring ways to deal with rambunctious play and having a safe place for crawlers when numbers attending are high.  The PET recommendation is to continue funding in the amount of $3,000 and execute a 1-year Agreement.

A suggestion was made to take Actions by the categorized programs, which are Health & Well-Being Programs, Early Childhood Care & Education Programs, Family Resource Centers/PFS Programs/Playgroups and Safety Net Programs. Commissioner Lovelace announced a conflict of interest for the following programs:  Library Partnership, Nurse Family Partnership, and Children’s Dental Strategic Plan.  Commissioner Pecora announced a conflict of interest for the following programs: Nurse Family Partnership and Children’s Dental Strategic Plan. Commissioners decided to take Action on these programs first, and then take Action on the remaining programs.

ACTION:  Commissioners approved the PET Recommendation for the Library Partnership, with Commissioner Lovelace recusing himself and leaving the room during the decision-making process.

ACTION:  Commissioners approved the PET Recommendations for the Nurse Family Partnership and the Children’s Dental Strategic Plan, with Commissioners Lovelace and Pecora recusing themselves and leaving the room during the decision-making process.

Health & Well-Being programs:
ACTION:  Commissioners approved the PET Recommendations for the TOOTH Program, Paso a Paso, and 0-5 Health Access Worker.

Early Childhood Care & Education programs:
ACTION:  Commissioners approved the PET Recommendations for KEET TV – Ready To Learn program and Hoopa School Readiness.

Family Resource Centers/PFS Programs/Playgroups:
ACTION:  Commissioners approved the PET Recommendations for Blue Lake Community Resource Center, Mattole Family Resource Center, Willow Creek Family Resource Center, Manila FRC, Discovery Museum, McKinleyville Family Resource Center, Humboldt County Office of Education Partnership/Children & Family Support Specialist and Inclusion Specialist, Humboldt Community Switchboard & Women & Children’s Fund, MOPS, Fortuna Playgroup, Rio Dell Playgroup, Trinidad Tots Playgroup, FUN Play Center, Arcata Play Center, McKinleyville Playgroup, Orleans Playgroup, Southern Humboldt Playgroups, and Tiny Tots Playgroup.

Safety Net Programs:
ACTION:  Commissioners approved the PET Recommendation for the Multiple Assistance Center. Commissioners approved the PET Recommendation for the Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center with inclusion of the additional Evaluation performance measures for year 2 of the Agreement.

VIII.  Discussion Item:  Commission Budget for Fiscal Year 2015/2016
Per the Commission’s annual budget development process, the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2015/16 was reviewed.

Wendy reviewed the Revenue section of the Fiscal Year 15/16 budget with Commissioners, and the Evaluation budget for Fiscal Year 15/16. When doing the budget revision after the annual Audit, the Evaluation budget will include the administrative cost, per Time Study results.

The Salaries/Benefits budget, Operating budget, and County Charges are higher in the new Fiscal Year, due to the hire of the new Executive Director, and the overlap of Wendy’s retirement.  Worker’s Compensation cost is increasing, and so is the Insurance Cost.  We will purchase a new computer and software program for the new Executive Director, and the County is implementing a new IT system, which will increase the cost for each department.

The 3-year Agreements and the 2-year Agreements were reviewed. Due to the Commission’s Strategic Plan cycle, almost all 3-year Agreements were moved into 2-year Agreements. Commissioners reviewed the 1-year Agreements and the In-House programs. The only funding for Safety Net program for Fiscal Year 15/16 is committed to the Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center. The Hoopa School Readiness funds were consolidated with the Native American/Cultural Proficiency budget.

New for the Fiscal Year 2015/16 budget is the addition of the Playgroup Initiative support.  Commissioners will receive the information about the Playgroup Initiative at the next meeting. The Commission budget for Fiscal Year 2015/16 will be an Action Item at the next meeting.

Fiscal Consultant Nancy Howatt reviewed the draft 10-year fiscal forecast with Commissioners. The budget for Fiscal Year 15/16 in the 10-year fiscal forecast aligns with the Commission budget for Fiscal Year 2015/16. Nancy talked about the projected revenue, the out-year projections for Administrative cost, which includes reducing staff time to 80% as of Fiscal Year 2018/19, and the Evaluation budget, which is being reduced as of Fiscal Year 2016/17. The draft 10-year fiscal forecast shows the cost breakout for the Core Programs and the Playgroup Initiative.  Nancy pointed out that the Playgroup work is broken out from the $1 Million per year for Programs. Wendy talked about sustaining the Playgroups over time.  Even with Prop 10 revenue declining, the Playgroup work could be sustained for the next 10 years and likely longer. The 10-year fiscal forecast will be an Action Item at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
5 pm to 7 pm
Humboldt Area Foundation, Emmerson Room

Chair:  Dian Pecora

Minutes compiled by:  Andrea Sousa, Executive Secretary, First 5 Humboldt, 1012 - 2nd Street, Eureka, 95501

Next Meetings:
Thursday, July 9, 2015; Commission Retreat, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office
Thursday, Sept. 10, 2015; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office
Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015; 5 – 7 pm, Location TBD
Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015; 5 – 7 pm, Location TBD
Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office