Appendix A: Evaluation Framework 2015 Print E-mail

Goal 1: Increase the number of children and pregnant women in good health



Sub-Goal: Healthy, well-timed births

Subgoal: Health development on track

Action: High quality, accessible prenatal care

  • % births at normal birth weight    Paso a Paso, Nurse Family Partnership (NFP), County Health Status Profiles (CHSP)
  • % women receiving early and adequate prenatal care   Paso a Paso, NFP, CHSP
  • #/% of women who don’t use tobacco, alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy NFP
  • #/% of pregnant teens Paso a Paso, NFP, CHSP

Action: Good nutrition

  • Breastfeeding rates at hospital discharge
    Paso a Paso, NFP
  • Children/families have access to adequate nutrition
    Parent & Family Support Programs (PFS)
  • #/% eligible children/families enrolled in WIC and/or CalFresh 
    NFP, Health Access Worker (HAW), PFS, WIC




Action: Early assessment of children’s developmental levels

  • #/% children screened (formally or informally) for appropriate developmental level First 5 Humboldt/Humboldt County Office of Education Partnership (F5H/HCOE), NFP
  • #/% of parents of children needing assistance in reaching developmental potentials reporting that they have social support F5H/HCOE


Action: High-quality, accessible child health and dental care

  • #/%  of children with health insurance HAW, PFS, California Health Interview Survey (CHIS)
  • #/% of children ages 2-5 who have used the oral health care system in the past 12 months (including  prevention, screening, and treatment services) TOOTH, PFS, CHIS
  • % of parents reporting their children are in good/excellent health PFS, CHIS
  • #/%  of children with up-to-date immunizations   NFP


Goal 2: Strengthen connections among parents, families and communities


Subgoal: Supported and supportive families living in caring and responsive communities

Action: Support to parents to strengthen parenting capacity and literacy skills

  • # playgroups that are available for parents/caregivers with children 0-5 PFS
  • # families served through parent support hot lines/warm lines  211 Humboldt
  • % parents reporting satisfaction w/content, quality, family centeredness, cultural proficiency of services  PFS
  • % of parents of children needing assistance in reaching developmental potentials reporting that they have social support F5H/HCOE
  • # substantiated cases of child abuse/neglect Child Welfare Services/KidsData
  • #/% of families connected to supportive networks & needed services PFS
  • Frequency with which caregivers read to/with children Library Partnership (LP), PFS, KEET Ready to Learn (RTL), CHIS
  • Frequency with which parents/caregivers play music/sing songs with their 0-5 age children PFS, CHIS
  • # of hours of daily screen time for children PFS, KEET RTL, CHIS
  • #/% of parents/caregivers reporting they are knowledgeable about what skills/behaviors are appropriate for their child’s age  PFS, F5H/HCOE
  • #/% of parents/caregivers reporting they are more informed about how to be better parents  PFS, F5/HCOE
  • #/% of parents/caregivers reporting they deal better with parenting issues PFS, F5H/HCOE

Action: Communities and neighborhoods are safe, stable and supportive

  • # Family Resource Centers PFS
  • Public library materials per capita/spending on public libraries  LP, California State Library
  • #/% of families with children ages 0-5 that are below the  poverty level American Community Survey
  • Communities/neighborhoods foster social ties among residents PFS
  • #/% of parents/caregivers reporting they are more connected to other parents in their community PFS


Goal 3: Further quality child care and education for young children

Subgoal: High quality child care and early education

Action: High quality child care & early education are widely available, & support social & cognitive development

  • #ECE/child care providers participating in continuing education & training Helping Hands Humboldt, F5H sponsored trainings
  • # child care programs/providers participating in activities that increase their quality Helping Hands Humboldt, ECE Journeys Website, Mentor Program
  • #/%  children entering kindergarten ready to learn  Playgroups, KiST (HCOE)
  • Increase in the amount of time child care providers read to children in their care Library Partnership (LP)
  • Availability of formal child care for working parents  KidsData/California Child Care Resource and Referral Network
  • #/% parents and children going to the library regularly  LP, PFS
  • #/% families participating in English and/or bi-lingual Storytimes  LP, PFS
  • #/% of families that perceive the library as “family friendly” LP, PFS


Goal 4: Promote coordination of prevention services


Subgoal: Strong, collaborative partnerships

Subgoal: Qualified, well-trained and supported providersworking in Family-focused programs

Action: Plan & maintain collaborative partnerships & linkages

  • # collaborative partnerships/linkages/ forums with others serving the target population that 1) share information, resources & data, and/or 2) work to leverage, blend & raise funding to sustain programs, and/or 3) maximize existing resources & reduce duplication of service, and/or 4) plan &/or implement trainings to increase provider skills in working with 0-5 age children and their families LP, HAW, Funder’s Network projects, TOOTH, F5H/HCOE, Cultural Proficiency Initiative (CPI), 0-8 Mental Health Collaborative (0-8 MHC)

Action: Promote, support, and/or provide accessible regular training & technical assistance to funded programs & other service providers that increase their skills & capacity to provide family-focused services based on resiliency principles

  • # programs that include families in the development, implementation & evaluation of services PFS
  • # programs that provide cultural & linguistically proficient services that respect family traditions & serve the whole family PFS, CPI
  • # programs provided at natural access points for families PFS, CPI
  • # programs providing family-friendly services PFS, CPI, F5H/HCOE
  • Parents are more connected to services and help they need PFS, CPI, F5H/HCOE
  • # programs providing services/activities to assist children in meeting developmental potentials PFS, 0-8 MHC, F5/HCOE
  • # interagency or other training opportunities & technical assistance that increase provider skills, capacity & service quality, including activities that increase provider skills in assisting children in meeting developmental potentials 0-8 MHC, F5H sponsored trainings, CPI, F5H/HCOE


Goal 5: Build a stable funding base to sustain core programs over time


Subgoal: Compensate for decline in tobacco tax revenue

Subgoal: Secure private source of funding as additional revenue

Subgoal: Create joint funding pools

Action: Maintain Sustainability Fund in County Treasury
Sustainability Fund reaches the goal amount of six million dollars

Action: Promote fund at Humboldt Area Foundation
Donations reach goal amount of two million dollars

Action: Develop funding partnerships
Ongoing funding commitments from sources other than F5H are secured

Key:  Programs named in orange type are programs receiving funding from First 5 Humboldt (F5H) that conduct activities that directly impact that indicator and may also be a source of data for that indicator. If a F5H funded program is listed in teal type that means the program or programs is/are collecting data for that indicator but might not be directly conducting activities that impact that indicator.  Other non-First 5 Humboldt data sources are listed in purple type.