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Data Collection

Local Evaluation Report data is collected through a variety of sources and instruments described below. As applicable, information on data collection implementation is included with the particular data source or instrument.


First 5 Humboldt Administered Surveys

First 5 Humboldt Program Participant Surveys: The 2015 survey instrument consisted of 28 questions and was available in both English and Spanish.  The 2015 surveys were administered to a sample of 431 of parents/caregivers that took part in seventeen funded programs. The survey implementation took place in the fall over the course of three months.  Surveys were completed pen-to-paper.  As in prior years, each program was given a required survey sample size which was based on the total of unduplicated counts of parents/caregivers served by that program in the prior year.  Program staff collected the completed surveys in sealed envelopes and submitted them to First 5 Humboldt for data entry and analysis.

First 5 Humboldt Playgroup Surveys: The survey instrument consisted of 22 questions and was available in both English and Spanish. The 2015 surveys were administered to 223 playgroup participants at thirteen First 5 Humboldt funded playgroups in the spring over the course of 2 ½ months. Surveys were completed pen-to-paper.  Program staff collected the completed surveys and submitted them to First 5 Humboldt for data entry and analysis.

First 5 Humboldt Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support Program Staff Surveys: The survey instrument consisted of 16 questions.  Forty staff and supervisors from 17 First 5 Humboldt programs completed the survey electronically through Survey Monkey.  Data was exported from Survey Monkey by First 5 Humboldt for analysis.

Leap into Literacy Program Survey

The 8-question survey was administered pen-to-paper by the Humboldt County Library to child care providers participating in the program.


First 5 Humboldt funded programs submit Interim and Final progress reports to First 5 Humboldt.  The reports include information on program activities and unduplicated counts of the target population served during that time period.  These reports are available for review at the First 5 Humboldt office.

The TOOTH Americorps Preschool (0-5) Program Evaluation Findings and Recommendations, 2014-2015 report, submitted to First 5 Humboldt by the Redwood Community Action Agency, includes results from the community oral health activities completed by the TOOTH program.

Key Informant Interviews, Focus Groups and Observation Activities

First 5 Humboldt Program evaluators and staff collect qualitative data through key informant interviews, focus groups and observation activities during program site visits. First 5 Humboldt Commissioners and sub-committee members also collect qualitative data when they conduct site visits to funded programs.

Data Record Review

Federal, State, and County data are used in the report in order to further clarify program outcomes and results.  For the 2015 report, data comes from the American Community Survey, California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), 2015 Kindergarten Screening Tool developed by the Humboldt County Office of Education, and Healthy Kids Humboldt. The CHIS data cited in this report are from the most recent year with statistically stable data for the selected indicator. CHIS data is available at

Data Analysis

Data analyses completed include

  • Frequency calculations
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Inferential statistics – Correlation Analysis
  • Content analyses of quantitative data collected through surveys, key informant interviews, reports, data records, and observations.

The following programs used for data analyses included

  • Persimmony
  • Survey Monkey
  • Microsoft Excel
  • IBM SPSS Statistics v.21.0.