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  1. Continue to provide program specific recommendations through the Program Evaluation Team process each spring.
  2. Work on providing more effective outreach and inclusion of Spanish speaking families and American Indian families with young children in all programs.
  3. Ensure that outreach, inclusion and program activities are culturally proficient.

Evaluation Process:

  1. Revise and update Evaluation framework and indicators to ensure consistency between actions and indicators and all funded programs.
  2. Continue to work on how best to evaluate First 5 Humboldt’s collaborative partnerships, including developing appropriate indicators to better measure partnership/collaboration and exploring the use of collective impact measures for appropriate initiatives.
  3. Continue to work with other community groups/agencies to develop appropriate methods to share relevant data
  4. Work with Humboldt County Office of Education and individual school districts to better collect data on playgroups and preschool for Kindergarten Assessments.
  5. The Evaluation Action Team will continue to address findings from the Evaluation Systems Assessment conducted by Social Entrepreneurs for First 5 Humboldt in 2009. This includes continuing to incorporate appropriate measures for Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support into appropriate program evaluation plans and exploring incorporating additional structured assessment instruments into evaluation plans for programs with the largest areas of funding, emphasizing assessments that provide insights about specific changes in health, well-being, attitudes and/or behaviors that relate directly to the goals and outcomes in the Evaluation Framework.
  6. Continue to explore additional methods of evaluating First 5 Humboldt Playgroups to better examine the impact of First 5 Humboldt playgroups on parents/caregivers and children.
  7. Review reporting guidelines and evaluation instruments and revise as appropriate.
  8. Continue to develop and incorporate evaluation measures related to the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support principles. This includes continuing to conduct the Standards of Quality for Family Strengthening and Support Staff Survey with First 5 Humboldt Parent and Family Support programs.

Parent/Caregiver Voices about First 5 Programs

  • We love that the playgroup is free, located in a great child friendly location and that I get to meet other parents while my child plays with children her age. Parents can share advice and support each other
  • I greatly appreciate the kind, friendly staff. They always make me feel welcome
  • I love Tiny Tots. Thank you. I can come in tired, in casual clothes, and play…we are always glad we came.
  • Facilitators are very welcoming and friendly and have a lot of useful information regarding local children's activities
  • Our family is very excited to have this class in our little town. Great info is provided that we can use every day! Thank you :)
  • I am glad to know there are places out there to help families in need. I have used these services and all the staff is amazing and helpful. Information is always there and available if I need and that’s reassuring
  • The playgroup is the highlight of my [child’s] week. I don’t know anyone in the community [because] I am not from here and my partner keeps me very isolated, so it is good for us. If it cost us money, he wouldn’t let me participate so I am very grateful for this opportunity
  • This program is amazing! I feel so blessed to be a part of it and HIGHLY recommend it to family and friends. Thank you for all the hard work and support