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Meeting Minutes of March 22, 2016
(Approved on 4/14/16)

I.          Welcome and Introductions

Present: Susan Buckley, Jessica Callahan, Ovieda Elliott, Sydney Fisher Larson, Cameron Mull, Dian Pecora, Connie Sundberg

Staff: Mary Ann Hansen, Andrea Sousa

Consultants: Nancy Howatt, Maria Vanderhorst

Guest: Ron White

Absent: Mark Lovelace, Veronica Meggerson


Susan Buckley called the meeting to order at 5 pm



II.        Public Comments and Announcements

-          Commissioner Pecora announced she participated in the League of Women Voters first event about volunteer opportunities.  About 100 people participated in this event.  Commissioner Pecora represented both First 5 Humboldt and the Systems of Care/BRIDGES committee.  The League of Women Voters is planning on doing this event on an annual basis.


-          Commissioner Buckley talked about the upcoming Perinatal Mood Disorder conference, presented by the Partnership Health Plan.


-          Commissioner Buckley also shared that Assembly member Jim Wood now sits on the State’s Health Committee and is proposing a 2 cent per can soda tax, to be designated for obesity prevention.



III.       Executive Director Report

  • Mary Ann inquired if Commissioners still want an Executive Director Report, due to her posting most information on the ED Blog.  Commissioners felt they still needed an ED Report.
  • Commissioners received hard copies of the Annual Evaluation Report. Since the Evaluation Report is a lengthy document, a community report will be developed and distributed to funded programs and community partners. It is anticipated to re-format the Annual Evaluation Report for next year and we are receiving good input in the Evaluation Visioning meetings.
  • Mary Ann is participating on the First 5 Data Indicators Project, along with Denise Snider, ED from First 5 Tehama. First 5 counties, First 5 California, and the First 5 Association working on developing more integrated data indicators for all counties to use.
  • The humkids website will be re-designed and will be updated by First 5 staff.  Alfredo will transfer the content of the current website after a new website has been established.  Alfredo will translate website materials into Spanish.
  • We applied for a KidsPlate grant in partnership with St. Joseph Hospital.  We are asking for funding of life jackets, to be distributed at Family Resource Centers.
  • The Playgroup workgroup is scheduled to meet this week to give further advice on the Playgroup Initiative.
  • The Strategic Plan workgroup is scheduled to meet on April 4th. Commissioners Sundberg, Fisher Larson, Elliott and Callahan will participate in the workgroup. Nancy Frost and John Woolley also will be participating.
  • The Early Childhood Facebook page is being re-formatted.
  • Mary Ann posted information about the Board of Equalization audit, Tobacco Legislation, and Social Media efforts on the ED Blog.



IV.       Approval of Minutes

A. Commission meeting minutes of January 14, 2016
B. Commission meeting minutes of February 11, 2016

Commissioner Sundberg suggested a correction in the January 14, 2016 minutes.

ACTION: The meeting minutes of January 14, 2016 were approved with a correction.  The meeting minutes of February 11, 2016 were approved as written.



V.        Consent Calendar

A.  December 2015 Postings

B.  January 2016 Postings

C.  February 2016 Postings

ACTION: All postings were approved as presented.



VI.       Information Item: Inclusion Series

Ron White, Leadership Program Manager at Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF), talked about the Foundation’s efforts around Inclusion.  HAF is working on the “Advancing Equity” project, which is a 2-year project in partnership with the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.  Ron also recently gave an introduction about the Advancing Equity project to the Cultural Connections Collaborative.


Ron talked about an upcoming event in Humboldt County about inclusion and equity with John Powell, Director of the Haas Institute. John Powell is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of civil rights and civil liberties and a wide range of issues including race, structural racialization, ethnicity, housing, poverty, and democracy. The event is scheduled to take place on May 5th from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the Humboldt County Office of Education conference center.  John Powell will also do a presentation at Humboldt State University on May 5th at 1 pm.  These events are open to the public. In addition, John Powell is scheduled to give a presentation on May 6th in Del Norte County.


As part of the Advancing Equity project, cohorts are formed to give input about inclusion and equity.  The Cultural Connections Collaborative discussed becoming a cohort, but decided not to join. Ron explained that there are two different groups working on the Advanced Equity project – one group is focused on the John Powell event and the other group is focused on follow-up work.  Ron said currently they have a commitments from 8-12 cohorts to participate in follow-up work.  Cohorts include representatives from HSU, DHHS Social Services, City of Arcata, McKinleyville Family Resource Center/Leadership group, the business community, and the philanthropy section/funders. The cohorts will be charged with becoming peer networks and continuing the inclusion and equity work.


Flyers for John Powell’s event should be ready for distribution next week.  Access Humboldt will record the event.  Ron relayed that the Advancing Equity project is still trying to raise funds to cover this year’s cost.  Mary Ann invited Ron to draft a proposal for funding, to be submitted by the next Commission meeting.  Commissioner Pecora informed Ron about the Systems of Care/BRIDGES grant application and suggested to Ron to look into applying.


Commissioner Sundberg talked about the Cultural Connections Collaborative and the decision not to become a cohort, due to the high cost of joining.  In addition, the Collaborative’s membership is declining and the group is undergoing changes. She also talked about her concerns that some groups are not being presented in the cohorts.


Commissioners thanked Ron for his presentation and expressed interest in attending the John Powell event.



VII.     Action Item: Commission Officers

Per the Commission’s Bylaws, at the January Commission meeting officers for the Commission are proposed and at a subsequent meeting, nominees are selected by Commissioners.  At the January meeting, Sydney Fisher Larson and Mark Lovelace were nominated to serve as co-chairs for calendar year 2016 and Susan Buckley was nominated to serve as chair-elect.

ACTION: Commissioners selected Sydney Fisher Larson and Mark Lovelace to serve as co-chairs for calendar year 2016 and Susan Buckley to serve as chair-elect for calendar year 2016.



VIII.    Information Item: Subcommittee Reports

  • ECCE
  • Evaluation
  • Fiscal
  • PFS


The ECCE Subcommittee cancelled the March meeting, due to not receiving any Helping Hands Humboldt proposals.  The Evaluation Subcommittee met to review the Program Evaluation Team process and the Evaluation Report.  The Fiscal Subcommittee is scheduled to meet in April.  The PFS Subcommittee met to discuss agenda items for the playgroup workgroup, received an Impact grant application update, an update about the Cultural Connections Collaborative, and an update on the Standards work.  Christina Huff’s work on helping the Family Resource Centers with implementation of the Standards will wrap up in June.  We will sponsor a Standards training for program and playgroup leaders in April.




IX.       Information Item: 2015 Evaluation Report

Evaluator Maria Vanderhorst presented the 2015 Evaluation Report and thanked staff for their input.  Maria shared that Evaluator Kim Puckett was unable to attend today’s Commission meeting. The Evaluation Report is based on the Evaluation Framework and maps the vision of First 5 Humboldt and the Strategic Plan Goals. The Evaluation Report is presented by Goal areas, Actions and Indicators.  Multiple data sources are used to frame the Evaluation Report, i.e. participant surveys, playgroup surveys, program reports, site visits, county/state data, and individual interviews. A Power Point presentation was viewed.


Goal 1 – Increase the number of children and pregnant women in good health – Evaluation Report indicators show the birthweight percentage for Paso a Paso and Nurse Family Partnership. Under the child health/dental care indicator the TOOTH data is shown. Under the breastfeeding indicator the Paso a Paso and Nurse Family Partnership breastfeeding rates are shown.


Goal 2 – Strengthen connections among parents, families and communities – Evaluation Report indicators show the number of playgroups available for parents and children age 0-5, satisfaction rates from the 2015 participant survey results, and measurements from the 2015 playgroup survey results. Commissioners viewed slides of literacy skills indicators and media usage by children younger than 2 years. Slides were also presented about communities/neighborhoods social ties because of playgroups, and quotes from parents about social ties.


Goal 3 – Further quality child care and education for young children – Evaluation Report indicators show results from the Leap Into Literacy Evaluation Survey, and the number of children entering kindergarten ready to learn using the Kindergarten Screen Tool (KiST).


Goal 4 – Promote coordination of prevention services – Evaluation Report indicators show the number of visits to playgroups conducted by the Specialists in 2015, the number of contacts and the type of contacts made in 2015.


Goal 5 – Build a stable funding base to sustain core programs over time – the Evaluation Report shows the current funding amounts in the Sustainability Fund and the Humboldt Area Foundation Fund. The Sustainability Fund continues to decline due to our commitment to continue funding core programs at $1 Million per Fiscal Year.  Slides also showed numbers served and number and percentage of children served by ethnicity.


Commissioners talked about the KiST data and the collection method for the data. Also discussed was how we could measure KiST data outcomes by the quality of the bottom-line practices we use in playgroups. Mary Ann remarked that with the First 5 Impact grant and the use of the Pinwheel data base, a better data collection is possible. New this year is a Method Section that was added as an Appendix in the Evaluation Report. Maria shared that a Community Report will be developed and that the Evaluation Report will be reformatted for next year’s reporting.  Commissioner Elliott requested to see a graph of program amounts listed by entities/agencies.


Commissioners thanked Maria for her presentation.



X.        Discussion Item: Strategic Plan

Due to time constraints, this discussion item was deferred. Commissioners briefly reviewed the updated Strategic Planning Calendar.  Mary Ann asked Commissioners to e-mail her if any changes need to be made to the Calendar. The Strategic Plan workgroup is scheduled to meet the beginning of April.  More updates will be available at the next meeting.



XI.       Discussion Item: Fiscal Management Guide

Per the recommendation of the Fiscal Subcommittee, discussion of sections of the First 5 Association Fiscal Management Guide are a regular Agenda Item. This month’s discussion item is the Conflict of Interest section of the Guide.


Mary Ann presented the Conflict of Interest section of the Fiscal Management Guide and the Commission’s Conflict of Interest Policy of 6/14/2007.  Mary Ann requested for Commissioners to review the Conflict of Interest Policy and consider changing/updating the Policy. She mentioned that the Policy is solid in regards to direct and indirect conflicts for Commissioners, but not for Subcommittee members.  Subcommittee members should be included in the Conflict of Interest Policy.


In addition, the Appearance of Conflict of Interest needs to be addressed. The Appearance of Conflict of Interest is defined as any situation that could be perceived that a conflict exists. For example, when an agency brings forward a proposal to the Commission, no Commissioner should be involved directly or indirectly in regards to the proposal.  Commissioners discussed the Appearance of Conflict of Interest and discussed agency assignments and supervision of staff within our County. At times, supervision of staff could interfere with the Appearance of Conflict of Interest in terms of a proposal.  Commissioners need to make sure to remove themselves from any proposal process and assign other staff within the agency.  Also, Commissioners need to recuse themselves from discussion about the proposal and the Commission’s decision-making process.


Commissioners talked about the appearance of conflict and how to decrease the appearance of conflict. In terms of Subcommittee meeting participation, Commissioners discussed members recusing themselves from the decision-making process.  The Subcommittees exist to make recommendations to the Commission, not to make any decisions about funding. Questions arose around the Evaluation process for First 5 funded programs. Mary Ann shared she invited County Counsel to participate in this discussion and a representative will be at the next Commission meeting.  Commissioners asked Mary Ann to draft an update to the Conflict of Interest Policy with help from County Counsel and present the draft at the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 7 pm.


Next Meeting:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

8:30 am to 11 am

Adorni Recreation Center conference room

1011 Waterfront Drive, Eureka

Chair:  Ovieda Elliott



Minutes compiled by:  Andrea Sousa, Executive Secretary, First 5 Humboldt, 1012 - 2nd Street, Eureka, 95501




Future Agenda Items:

  • PET Recommendations
  • Approval of revised Subcommittee Membership
  • Strategic Plan
  • Family Child Care and Educational Standards
  • Humboldt County Birth Data




Future Meetings:

Thursday, May 12, 2016 from 8:30 – 11 am

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 5-7 pm

Commission Retreat:  Thursday, July 7, 2016 – all day

Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016 from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2016 from 5-7 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 from 5-7 pm

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 from 8:30 – 10:30 am