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Meeting Minutes of August 11, 2016
Approved on 9/13/16

I.          Welcome and Introductions

Present: Jessica Callahan, Sydney Fisher Larson, Mark Lovelace, Nica Meggerson, Connie Sundberg
Mary Ann Hansen, Andrea Sousa
Nancy Howatt
Meg Walkley, Beth Heavilin
Susan Buckley, Ovieda Elliott, Cameron Mull, Dian Pecora

Jessica Callahan called the meeting to order at 8:30 am.

No Conflict of Interest with any of today’s Agenda Items were announced.



II.         Public Comments and Announcements

No public comments and announcements were made



III.        Executive Director Report

  • The 2016 Child Health, Education, and Care Summit will be from November 8 – 10, 2016 in Sacramento.  Mary Ann, Beth Heavilin, and Meg Walkley will be presenting a workshop on November 9th at the Summit.  Commissioners were asked if they are interested in attending the Summit.
  • A discussion about the marijuana legislation and associated ballot measures was a discussion item at the First 5 Association meeting in July.
  • Some small county Commissions are discussing merging, due to the possible end of the Small County Augmentation funds from First 5 California.  The Small County Augmentation is valid until next Fiscal Year and First 5 California is considering offering incentives for “regionalization.”  Mary Ann will update Commissioners as more information becomes available.
  • A Strategic Plan Public Input session is set for Wednesday, Aug. 31st from 5 – 6 pm in the Commission’s conference room.
  • The First 5 office is moving to the Vance Hotel on August 23rd.
  • Our Annual Audit is being performed on August 29th and August 30th.
  • The quarterly staff meeting was cancelled, due to the upcoming move.
  • Jennifer Gonzales accepted the Impact Program Coordinator position, which is a half-time position.  With the revenue for the 0-8 Mental Health Program Coordinator position, staff is working on increasing the vacant ECE Program Coordinator position (formerly held by Jennifer) from a .8 FTE to a 1.0 FTE. In the meantime, Christie Lampro was hired as Extra Help to fill in until a new Program Coordinator is hired.
  • WiFi will be available at the new offices and we are moving toward paperless meetings.  Mary Ann asked Commissioners if they would be interested in receiving iPads with Commission Agenda materials downloaded onto the iPads, instead of receiving paper copies.  Commissioners suggested checking with staff at C.R. and staff at the Board of Supervisors about adequate software programs.  Commissioners all agreed to use iPads on a trial basis, when available.
  • Laura Power and Celia Haro presented a Spanish-language Impact orientation with four Spanish-speaking providers.  Upcoming Impact trainings and materials will be available in Spanish.



IV.        Approval of Minutes: Commission Retreat Minutes of July 7, 2016

ACTION: The Retreat Minutes of July 7, 2016 were approved as written.



V.         Consent Calendar:

A.         CLIF Award: Toothbrushes for Oral Health/Public Health

This funding proposal was submitted to the North Coast Grantmaking Partnerhip.  First 5’s contribution would be in the amount of $1,000 of the total funding request of $5,000.

Commissioners made comments about the non-specific proposal and asked what the cost is to purchase the toothbrushes that will be distributed to children age 0-5. If funded, Commissioners also requested a break-down of the distribution of toothbrushes to children age 0-5.

Commissioners stated that they will no longer consider funding proposals if no adequate documentation is provided and how the requested funds will benefit children age 0-5.

Commissioners will reconsider the funding proposal after more information has been received.



VI.        Information Item: Subcommittee & Workgroup Reports

  • Evaluation: The Evaluation Action Team (EAT) met to revise the participant surveys, which included eliminating the playgroup surveys. Some measures were added to the participant surveys from the playgroup surveys.  In addition, indicators from First 5 California were incorporated into the surveys.  EAT is also working on implementing electronic data/survey collection, using the IPinwheel software for data entry with the Impact grant.  Commissioners suggested for parents to have a designated area for data input, since using electronic devices during playgroup by the parents was strongly discouraged.

  • Fiscal: The Fiscal Subcommittee is reviewing/revising fiscal policies. The Subcommittee discussed using unspent prior fiscal year funds for the budget, so the transfer amount from the Sustainability Fund will be reduced. The Fiscal Subcommittee also discussed possible MAA billing for some services, the use of IPads for Commissioners and reviewed estimated moving expenses for the Commission office. Commissioner discussed possible MAA billing.  Mary Ann shared that the Northwest Region of First 5 E.D.s also had a discussion about MAA billing at the First 5 Association meeting, and that Moira Kenney is thinking about convening a discussion around MAA billing.

  • PFS: The Parent & Family Support Subcommittee will meet on August 26th.

  • ECCE: The Early Childhood Care & Education Subcommittee met this week to look at a job description for the newly vacant Program Coordinator position, which will be merged with the 0-8 Mental Health Collaborative Program Coordinator position. The Subcommittee discussed how to meet the needs of the ECE Community and how to best serve the field, including exploring how our funds could be used to have more of an impact to individual ECE providers.

  • Strategic Plan Workgroup: See Discussion item below.



VII.       Information Item: FY 15/16 Prop.10 revenue

Commissioners reviewed the chart comparing monthly Prop.10 revenue received in Fiscal Year 2014/15 and in Fiscal Year 2015/16.  In Fiscal Year 2015/16, we received around $20,000 less in Prop.10 revenue from the prior year.  In terms for the FY 16/17 budgets, the anticipated Prop.10 revenue was about $6,000 less than anticipated, because the June 2016 disbursement was higher than expected, but we can cover the shortfall with unexpended funds from the previous Fiscal Year.  Nancy Howatt explained that we do not receive any fiscal analysis from First 5 California about the Prop.10 revenue.

Mary Ann initiated a discussion with the Northwest Region E.D.s about the Prop.10 revenue and the decline in revenue, but received no feedback, because most of the First 5 Commissions in the Northwest Region receive the Small County Augmentation, so they do not see a huge fluctuation in revenue.

Revenue from potential e-cigarette tax should replace the lost revenue from the cigarette tax, due to the new law in raising the smoking age to 21.

Nancy and Mary Ann mentioned that they expect the Prop.10 revenue that will be received during FY 16/17 to be under $1 Million.  This will be the first time since the inception of Prop.10 that our revenue will be under $1 Million. If the Commission decides to continue funding programs at the current level, the Sustainability Fund will be expended by Fiscal Year 2023/24.



VIII.      Discussion Item: 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative

Meg Walkley and Beth Heavilin briefed the Commission on the work of the 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative.  PowerPoint slides were distributed for this Agenda Item.

Meg said that the work of the 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative (0 to 8 MHC) provides linkages to the greater First 5 Humboldt effort. In regard to the Commission’s Vision: “First 5 Humboldt, together with families and communities will promote comprehensive, integrated systems of services for early childhood development in order to foster secure, healthy and loving children eager to learn and develop their full potential,” the 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative works towards system change efforts.  The 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative is comprised of 67 Leadership Team Members and Advisors and has 399 Network members.

The 0 to 8 MHC provided over 80 multi-disciplinary trainings since 2011; increased awareness of importance of Infant Family Early Childhood Mental Health (IFECMH), trauma responsiveness and ACES; increased postpartum & parenting support services; and increased partnership funding. Currently seven people in Humboldt County are endorsed in IFECMH.  Humboldt County ranks #7 of 58 counties with people endorsed in IFECMH. Beth will soon be an advanced specialist in the IFECMH endorsement process. With the high number of IFECMH endorsement for Humboldt County, we are being recognized at the State level.

Both Meg and Beth provide representation at Local and State level, for example:  Humboldt BRIDGES Central Team; Northern California Infant Development Association (IDA) Board; California Association of School Social Workers – Early Childhood and Northern California representation; and Infant-Parent Mental Health Program (Reflective Supervision, Coaching and Facilitating Academy).

Meg and Beth are located at Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE) and are working with staff to incorporate the 0 to 8 Mental Health language into the school environments. Meg reported that Dr. Eagles is very supportive and is highlighting the work of Meg and Beth around trauma-responsiveness with Superintendents and schools are making action plans.  Jon Sapper is taking information to Rotaries, the Humboldt Area Foundation Board, and other venues. Meg and Beth were invited as panel members to the “Paper Tigers” screening for schools.  On a State level, Senator Mc Guire is concerned about the high ACES scores in our county and Meg has been invited to participate in a team to address Senator Maguire’s concerns.

The Mental Health Board recognized the 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative as the community partner of the year. Beth is building strong relationships with the medical community.  Mary Ann, Meg and Beth co-wrote an article in the National Association for the Education of Young Children, entitled: “Rooted in Partnerships:  Growing a More Responsive Early Childhood Mental Health System” and were offered by Red Leaf Press to write a book.

With Dr. Eagles’ support, Humboldt County Office of Education agreed to pilot fund for the 0 to 8 Mental Health Collaborative’s Program Coordinator position, which will be housed at First 5 Humboldt.  With the funding received from the BRIDGES grant, the Collaborative was able to provide Infant Massage classes, support groups for Postpartum issues, family support groups, and the Children’s Mental Health Summit.  The Children’s Mental Health Summit is on Sept. 29th and Sept. 30th at HCOE. Dr. Kristie Brandt will be the primary presenter at the Children’s Mental Health Summit.

Meg talked about the TREE project, which provides coaches and training in IFECMH at school sites and early childhood sites.  Current sites include Blue Lake, Dows Prairie, Little Learners, and Washington Elementary School.  Sheri Whitt provides the space for coaching activities.  All sites also receive sensory materials to use.  Dr. Eagles encourages school administrators to visit the sites.

Commissioners thanked Meg and Beth for their presentation and for all the good work they do.



IX.        Discussion Item: 2-1-1 Proposal

Per the Program Evaluation Team recommendation, funding to 2-1-1 Humboldt was discontinued for Fiscal Year 2016/17.  Funding for the Women & Children’s Fund, which is administered by  2-1-1 Humboldt, remains at $5,000 for Fiscal Year 2016/17. During the decision-making process at the 5/12/16 Commission meeting, Commissioners agreed to the PET recommendation to discontinue funding for 2-1-1 Humboldt, but revised the recommendation to include that 2-1-1 Humboldt may submit a one-time proposal for bridge funding for the remainder of calendar year 2016 after the concerns in the 2016 PET recommendations have been addressed.

We received a proposal for bridge funding for 2-1-1 Humboldt in the amount of $10,000 for Fiscal Year 2016/17.  The Fiscal Subcommittee reviewed the proposal and is recommending to fund 2-1-1 Humboldt in the amount of $5,000 for the remainder of the calendar year 2016, and to invite 2-1-1 Humboldt to submit another proposal in January 2017, after the receipt and review of the progress report.

Commissioners discussed the proposal and requested receiving the program budget for 2-1-1 from all funding sources. Commissioners expressed concern about evening calls being directed to San Bernardino, the sustainability of 2-1-1, and inaccurate information on the website.  Mary Ann explained that the website is currently being updated, but the search engine is still not effective. Commissioners requested adding a timeline for completion of the restructure of the website. Commissioners also raised concern that the proposal for funding was to solely support the Director’s salary of 2-1-1 Humboldt and how this is justifiable in terms of supporting our target population.  Children age 0-5 and their families were not mentioned in the proposal. With decreasing revenue, the Commission did not feel comfortable in funding     2-1-1 Humboldt without receiving more information and how this funding will impact children 0-5 and their families.  In addition, the program budget for the whole 2-1-1 Humboldt operation is being requested for Commission review.

This Agenda Item will be continued at the next meeting, after more information has been received.



X.         Discussion Item: Evaluation Policy for the Continuation of Existing Programs

Commissioners reviewed the Evaluation Policy at a prior meeting and made suggestions.  Commissioners requested receiving the draft Policy with the strike-out, so they can more easily see the changes made to the Policy. The Parent & Family Subcommittee also reviewed the Evaluation Policy and gave input.

Commissioners reviewed the revised Evaluation Policy, which includes input from the Commissioners and the Parent & Family Subcommittee. Benchmarks were added in the updated Evaluation Policy, and wording about Evaluation was added. All First 5 Humboldt funded programs now have benchmarks in their Evaluation Plans. This year, all benchmarks are simple benchmarks.  Additional benchmarks will be established as the program work continues.

Commissioners suggested changing the wording of “To be considered for continued funding, benchmarks must be met.” The suggestion was made to rephrase the wording to: “Benchmarks being met will be considered for continued funding.”

The revised Evaluation Policy will be an Action Item at the next meeting.



XI.        Discussion Item: Strategic Plan Update

Commissioners gave input to the Strategic Plan Update at the Retreat on 7/7/16.  The Strategic Plan workgroup incorporated the input and revised the Strategic Plan Update. The next step for the Strategic Plan Update will be adding Indicators under the Actions.

Commissioners gave additional input to the Strategic Plan Update, with wording revisions under Focus Area 2, Objective 1.  In addition, an Action was added to Objective 1. Nancy Howatt suggested adding another Action under Objective 1, encouraging partners/programs in seeking long-term sustainable funding, including, but not limited, to Prop.10 revenues.

Revisions also were made to Focus Area 3, Objective 1 and the Action under Objective 1.

As mentioned in the E.D. Report, a Public Input session to the Strategic Plan Update is being held on Wednesday, Aug. 31st from 5 – 6 pm at the First 5 Humboldt office.

This Agenda Item will be continued at the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 am.


Next Meeting:
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5:00 – 7:00 pm

Office of First 5 Humboldt
525 – 2nd St., Suite 203, Eureka

Chair:  Connie Sundberg


Minutes compiled by:  Andrea Sousa, Executive Secretary, First 5 Humboldt, 1012 - 2nd Street, Eureka, 95501


Future Agenda Items:

  • Humboldt County Birth Data
  • Fiscal Policies
  • Approval of revised Subcommittee Membership


Future Meetings:

Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 from 5-7 pm

Thursday, Nov. 17, 2016 from 8:30 – 10:30 am

Thursday, Dec. 8, 2016 from 8:30 – 10:30 am