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Our Vision:  All Humboldt County children thrive in healthy, supportive, nurturing families and neighborhoods, enter school ready to learn and become active participants of their communities.

Meeting Date and Time:  October 27, 2016 from 5:00-7:00 pm

Location:  First 5 Humboldt meeting room, 525 - 2nd Street, Suite 203, Eureka



I.  Welcome and Introductions

Any member of the Commission who has a conflict of interest with any agenda item is asked at this time to notify the Commission of his or her conflict and affirm that he or she has not discussed the item with any F5H staff or fellow commissioners. Announcing conflicts at this time will help the Chair announce Commissioner recusal for specific agenda items so that it can be noted in the minutes.

II.  Public Comments and Announcements

III.  Executive Director Report

IV.  Approval of Minutes:

A. Commission meeting minutes of September 13, 2016

V.  Consent Calendar:  The following items were reviewed and recommended for adoption and may be approved by a single vote.  Any member of the public may request the Commission to pull an item for further discussion.
  1. July Postings
  2. August Postings
  3. September Postings
  4. CLIF: Point in Time Count

Reference: North Coast Grantmaking Partnership is collaborating to fund the annual homeless Point in Time count, which is estimated to cost $11,070. F5H’s contribution is $735.

5. CLIF: Holiday Funding Partnership

Reference: North Coast Grantmaking Partnership collaborates to respond to annual holiday funding requests. F5H’s contribution is $3000.

VI.  Information Item: Subcommittee & Workgroup Reports
  • Evaluation- met Oct. 11
  • Fiscal—met Oct. 5
  • PFS—Sept. meeting cancelled due to Children’s Mental Health Summit, next mtg. Oct. 28
  • ECCE—met Oct. 17 (10 min)

VII. Information Item: 2015-16 Independent Audit Report

Reference: The Commission will review the Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2016 as prepared by Christy White & Associates.

(15 min)


VIII. Information Item: F5CA Annual Report

Reference: Commissioners will receive an update on our annual report to F5CA. (15 min)


IX. Action Item: 2-1-1 proposal

Reference: The Commission will consider the revised proposal from Humboldt Community Access and Resource Center (HCAR) to fund 2-1-1 Humboldt for $10,000 during FY 16-17. Nancy Howatt will report on her meeting with 2-1-1 Humboldt. (15 min)


X. Action Item: Southern Humboldt Playgroup Request

Reference: Commissioners will consider the request from Southern Humboldt Unified School District for $4,472.97 in additional funding. (10 min)


XI. Discussion Item: Strategic Plan Draft

Reference: The Commission will consider the Strategic Plan Draft Goals, Focus Areas, Objectives, Actions and Indicators, with one error corrected by the Fiscal Subcommittee since the Commission’s last review. The plan will be an action item at the November meeting. (15 min)


XII. Discussion Item: Subcommittee Structure and Policy

Reference: The Commission will discuss the Subcommittee structure, given the new strategic plan, in addition to potential policies that may be considered to promote engaged subcommittee membership. (15 min)


XIII. Closed Session: Personnel

Reference: The Commission will consider two personnel matters, related to employee insurance and annual review. (15 min)

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 17, 2016 8:30 – 10:30 am, at 525 Second Street, Rm. 203, Eureka.