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  1. Keep any favorite infant and toddler toys and books.
  2. Add to the basic blocks and add more building materials such as Legos, Bristle Blocks, K-Nex.
  3. *Add to the books!
  4. Expand the art materials- make up an art kit with marking pens, crayons, paper, paints and brush, non-toxic glue, child-safe scissors, etc.
  5. Riding toys with peddles
  6. Science stuff i.e. bug catcher (one can be made out of a clean, clear plastic    jar with holes punched in the lid) , magnifying glass (that isn’t glass), butterfly net, magnets of various shapes and weights.
  7. Math stuff i.e. tape measure, ruler, counting and sorting items (such as the counting bears that are pictured), colorful wooden tiles or dominoes  for counting, making patterns, sorting colors, etc.
    50 Counting Bears with 5 Cups
  8. Lacing cards (these are available lots of places or you can cut shapes out of cardboard the weight of cereal boxes punch holes in it and get a piece of yarn with tape wrapped around the very tip.)
  9. Puzzles a little bit too hard for the child to do without help.  They will grow into the challenge.
  10. More musical instruments, Music CD’s, and even a sturdy CD player.