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Meeting Minutes of April 18, 2013

(Approved on 5/15/13)


I.  Welcome and Introductions

Present:  Susan Buckley, Ovieda Elliott, Siddiq Kilkenny, Claire Knox,Ronnie Swartz

Staff:  Wendy Rowan, Andrea Sousa

Consultants:   Kim Puckett, Nancy Howatt

Guests:  Kim Hoffmeyer, Claudia Culbertson, JoAnn Bauer, Sarah Vogel, Jesika Mitchell, Jean LaPietra (9 am to 10 am)

Absent:  Kate Green, Mark Lovelace   


Ronnie Swartz called the meeting to order at 8:00 am

II.  Public Comments and Announcements
Claire Knox wished everyone a happy “Week of the Young Child.’

III.  Executive Director Report

  • The Teen Pregnancy & Parenting plan is completed.  Commissioners will receive copies of the plan soon. A press conference is planned for the release of the Teen Pregnancy & Parenting plan.
  • Wendy attended the First 5 California and the Water Cooler Joint Conference in Sacramento on April 10th and 11th.  Wendy shared information about a presentation “Funding Our Priorities – The State of Early Investment in California” by the Advancement Project.  Molly Munger, former First 5 California Commissioner, now is the Co-Director of the Advancement Project. Discussed was President Obama’s proposal of an investment in early childhood and his vision to fund it from tobacco tax (modeled after the Prop.10 tax initiative in California) on a national level. Wendy said that there were many keynote speakers, and she particularly enjoyed the presentations from Karen Ponder, former President of Smart Start and The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.
  •  In honor of the “Week of the Young Child,” Humboldt Association for the Education of Young Children is holding a Friend of the Young child award at the Eureka Woman’s Club on April 19th from 6:30 – 8 pm.  Commissioners were encouraged to attend. A Week of the Young Child calendar of events in Humboldt County was routed.
  • April is Child Abuse Prevention month. The annual children’s memorial flag raising event is scheduled on April 26th at 9 am at the Boys & Girls Club in Eureka.  Commissioners were encouraged to attend.
  • April is also Autism Awareness month.  Wendy attended a regional autism meeting at Humboldt Area Foundation yesterday.
  • The Orleans Playgroup is reconvening.  A flyer was routed.
  • The Multi-Generational Center in Fortuna is holding a Grand Opening on Saturday, April 27th from 11 am to 1 pm.  Commissioners were invited to attend.
  • The red folder was routed, with a press release from First 5 California, Fact Sheet on SB 622, Information about AB 1174, the Agenda from the Water Cooler conference, flyers about the Grand Opening of the Multi-Generational Center, Week of the Young Child, the Orleans Playgroup, and the children’s memorial flag raising event.

IV.  Approval of Minutes:  Commission meeting minutes of March 20, 2013
Commissioner Buckley requested one correction of a spelling error.
ACTION:  The minutes were approved as presented, with the correction of one spelling error.

V.  Action Item: Letter of Support for Cal-SAFE Program
Historically, the Cal-SAFE Program effectively served pregnant and parenting teens.  AB 1152 seeks to save Cal-SAFE funding and restore the program to its former efficiency.  Given the Commission’s current interest in support for pregnant and parenting teens, a letter of support is appropriate. The Cal-SAFE model integrates school and other supports and is considered the gold standard of a best practice model. Wendy shared the draft letter of support with Assembly Member Wes Chesbro’s office, since the Assembly’s Education Committee met yesterday and it would be appropriate for Assembly Member Chesbro to weigh in on the hearing.
ACTION:   The Letter of Support for the Cal-SAFE Program was approved as written.

VI.  Action Item:  Women & Children’s Fund
In earlier years, we contributed funding to the Women and Children’s Fund to help address safety net needs for children age 0-5. In prior years, the Women and Children’s Fund was a program of Humboldt Area Foundation, and was carried out by the Switchboard. Issues around the contractual agreement around our funding contribution arose in the past, but now with the 2-1-1 structure in place, the Switchboard is better equipped to receive our funds. The $5,000 contribution will come from the Safety Net Allocation and we are planning on amending the current Agreement with the Switchboard to include the Women and Children’s Fund.

Commissioner Buckley inquired about the total allocation for the Women and Children’s Fund and what other funds are being used to support this Fund. She mentioned that, when reviewing the current spread sheet of requests from the Women and Children’s Fund, she noticed that a lot of requests came from Public Health Nursing. Commissioner Buckley said that funds from the Social Services Branch of the Dept. of Health & Human Services are available for safety net needs for children age 0-5. Commissioner Buckley suggested a meeting that includes staff from the Switchboard and Social Services to discuss these available funds. Depending on the outcome of the meeting, the Commission may not need to contribute the entire $5,000 and the wording of the award could be framed “up to” $5,000.

Commissioners also inquired about the time frame of the listed awards and if the awards were from one year or multiple years. Wendy suggested holding this Action Item until more information has been received about other funding, the time frame of the listed awards, and a commitment for a meeting that includes staff from the Switchboard and the DHHS Social Services Branch.

VII.  Information Item:  Commission Budget for Fiscal Year 2013/2014 
Commissioners reviewed the Draft budget for Fiscal Year 2013/2014.  Compared  the revenues and expenditures with this Fiscal Year’s budget and the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 13/14. Commissioners reviewed the proposed increases and decreases, and the proposed new line items in the Fiscal Year 13/14 budget. Commissioner Knox requested not implementing a new line item in the In-House Initiatives for Child Care, but instead moving the funds to the existing ECCE Training & Support budget line item.

The Commission Budget for Fiscal Year 2013/14 will be an Action Item at the next meeting.

VIII.  Discussion Item:  Annual Program Evaluation Team Recommendation for Fiscal Year 2013/2014
Commission Buckley requested to start the review with the Program Evaluation Team (PET) Recommendations that contain reductions for next Fiscal Year.  Programs with proposed budgeted reductions are:  Multiple Assistance Center, Willow Creek Community Resource Center, Native American Initiative/Cultural Proficiency, Manila Teenship, Community Transition Teams, Small Grants/Better Together, and Safety Net funds.

Wendy announced that she has met with representatives from the Multiple Assistance Center, the Willow Creek Community Resource Center, and Manila Teenship to discuss the proposed budget reductions.  The Willow Creek Community Resource Center’s budgeted reduction is an adjustment of expenditures. Over the last four years, the expenditures have been under the budgeted amount, therefore an adjustment to the budget has been proposed to better align with the actual expenditures. The budgeted reduction to the Community Transition Team budget is an internal reduction; no reduction to the Teams themselves is proposed. The small grants program at Humboldt Area Foundation has not utilized funds set aside for children age 0-5 and their families, because no grant applications for this group have been received.  It is proposed to stop contributing to the small grants program. The economy is changing; therefore we no longer need a large Safety Net funds allocation.

Commissioners discussed the proposed reduction to the Multiple Assistance Center. Commission staff has been working with MAC staff over the last few years.  Work included developing a logic model, and Commission staff has provided mental health resources; but to date challenges continue to be in place.  The Program Evaluation Team is recommending working with the MAC in Fiscal Year 2013/14 to introduce the California Standards for Family Strengthening and Support, and doing an in-depth review of the program to strengthen the MAC’s capacity to service children age 0-5 and their families.

The proposed reductions for the Manila Teenship Wellness Village Resource Center was discussed. The Commission has done an in-depth review of the program this Fiscal Year and has had concerns about the community center’s capacity to serve children age 0-5 and their families. The Program Evaluation Team is recommending to reduce funds for Fiscal Year 2013/14 and to provide technical assistance to the community center in the development of a plan to strengthen the capacity to service children age 0-5 within the community.

A question was raised about funding for CAST and Parent Voices.  Wendy explained that these projects are Safety Net Awards and are not considered ongoing programs.  Within CAST and the effort of the bi-lingual coordinator, the District Attorney is making connections with the Latino community. The coordinator’s workload has increased and efforts are being made to look for other funding.

Commissioners also reviewed the Program Evaluation Team recommendations for the following programs: Arcata Play Center, Blue Lake Community Resource Center, Bridgeville Family Resource Center, CARES Plus Program, Community Transition Teams, Children & Family Specialist, Inclusion Specialist, Library, TOOTH Program, Discovery Museum, FUN Play Center, Healthy Kids Humboldt/Health Access Worker, Hoopa School Readiness Program, KEET TV “Ready To Learn” program, McKinleyville Family Resource Center, McKinleyville Playgroup, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Nurse Family Partnership, Orleans Playgroup, and Rio Dell Playgroup.

The Commission will review the Program Evaluation Team recommendations for the following programs at the next meeting: Parent Voices, Paso a Paso, Sexual Assault Response Team, Southern Humboldt Family Resource Center, Switchboard, Tiny Tots, and Trinidad Playgroup.

The Program Evaluation Team Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2013/14 for all programs will be an Action Item at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 am.

Next Meeting:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5:00 – 7:30 pm

Humboldt County Office of Education

Madrone conference room

Chair:  TBD

Minutes compiled by:  Andrea Sousa, Executive Secretary, First 5 Humboldt, 1012 - 2nd Street, Eureka, 95501

Future Meetings:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013; 5-7 pm at HCOE, Sequoia A conference room

July: Commission Retreat – date/time/location TBD

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013; 5-7 pm at HCOE, Madrone Room

Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013; 8-10 am at HCOE, Madrone Room

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013; 5-7 pm at HCOE, Sequoia A conference room

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013; 5-7 pm at HCOE, Sequoia A conference room

Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013; 8-10 am at HCOE, Madrone Room