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 Our Vision:  All Humboldt County children thrive in healthy, supportive, nurturing families and neighborhoods, enter school ready to learn and become active participants of their communities.


Meeting Date and Time:   October 20, 2014 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm
Location:    Wharfinger Building, Bay Room,1 Marina Way, Eureka


I.   Welcome and Introductions
II.   Public Comments and Announcements
III.   Executive Director Report
IV.   Approval of Minutes:  Commission meeting minutes of September 18, 2014 
V.   Consent  Calendar:  The following items were reviewed and recommended for adoption and may be approved by a single vote.  Any member of the public may request the Commission to pull an item for further discussion.

A.      August  2014 Postings
B.      September 2014 Postings
C.     CLIF Award:  Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health, ‘Child Passenger Safety Program’
Reference: In partnership with other local funders, it is recommended that FIRST 5 HUMBOLDT contribute $6,000 to assist with purchasing cars seats for low-income families.
D.     CLIF Award:  Health Professional Shortage Area Designations for Humboldt County
Reference:  In partnership with other local funders, it is recommended  FIRST 5 HUMBOLDT contribute $1,000 to assist with the application process for Humboldt County to receive a Health Professional Shortage Designation. This status helps local medical entities to secure needed medical providers.


VI.   Action ItemCommission Meeting Schedule 2015
Reference: Commissioners will consider their meeting schedule for fiscal year 2015.   (5 min)

VII.  Information Item: Annual Audit Report
Reference: The Commission will review Financial Statements for the Year Ended June 30, 2014 from Christy White & Associates.   (30 min)


VIII.  Information Item: First 5 Annual Report
Reference: Evaluators Kim Puckett and Maria Vanderhorst will review sections of the Annual Report to be submitted to First 5 California.   (30 min)


IX.  Discussion Item: Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Reference: Commissioner Callahan will facilitate a review of a proposal to support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.   (30 min)

Next Meeting: November 19, 2014 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at Humboldt Area Foundation, Emerson Room, 363 Indianola Road, Bayside, CA