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 Meeting Minutes of October, 20, 2014 
(Approved on 11/19/14)

I.  Welcome and Introductions
Present:   Susan Buckley, Jessica Callahan, Ovieda Elliott, Sydney Fisher Larson, Mark Lovelace, Rebecca Lowry, Sheryl Lyons, Dian Pecora, Ronnie Swartz
Staff:  Wendy Rowan, Andrea Sousa
Consultant:    Nancy Howatt, Kim Puckett, Maria Vanderhorst
Guests:  Christy White, Kit Boisvert Meyer

Susan Buckley called the meeting to order at 5 pm

II.   Public Comments and Announcements
Sydney Fisher Larson announced that the College of the Redwoods President Search Committee is looking for a community volunteer to join the Committee.

Susan Buckley shared that the California Center for Rural Policy is in the final stages of finishing an Oral Health Assessment of Humboldt County’s children, utilizing kindergarten oral health assessment data. The draft report is extremely well written and will serve as a good baseline for areas of oral health focus. Commissioners will receive copies of the report, once it has been finalized.

III.  Executive Director Report

  • Commissioners received a chart produced from an L.A. Times article of Sept. 2, 2014 “California’s growing public health threat,” which shows the immunization exemption rate for Humboldt County schools.
  • A New York Times published article of 10/11/14 “Is E-Reading to your toddler story time, or simple screen time?” was shared.
  • Updated information from the Board of Equalization about use of Prop.10 funds was shared.
  • We have ordered and received “Potter the Otter” hand puppets for distribution to playgroups and funded programs.
  • The red folder was routed with a flyer from the Children’s Data Network www.datanetwork.org, a Times Standard newspaper article of 10/12/14 about perinatal depression, the Agenda from the First 5 Staff Development Summit, a Helping Hands Humboldt workshop packet, a “Fathers Supporting Fathers” flyer, and the Sept. 2014 On the Capitol Doorstep publication.
  • Commissioners Callahan and Lowry briefly talked about the Strengthening Families Leadership Summit they attended in Chicago on 10/7 and 10/8/14.  A detailed description of the Leadership Summit will be presented at the next meeting.

 IV.  Approval of Minutes:  Commission meeting minutes of September 18, 2014
ACTION:  The minutes of 9/18/14 were approved as written.

V.  Consent Calendar:
Commissioners Buckley and Lyons announced a conflict of interest for Consent Calendar Item C and Commissioner Fisher Larson announced a conflict of interest for Consent Calendar Item D.  The Consent Calendar was approved in sections.

A.         August 2014 Postings

B.         September 2014 Postings
ACTION:  Commissioners approved Consent Calendar items A and B as presented.

C.        CLIF Award:  Maternal Child & Adolescent Health “Child Passenger Safety Program”
Commissioners Buckley and Lyons recused themselves and left the room for this Consent Calendar Item.
ACTION:  Consent Calendar Item C was approved as presented, with Commissioners Buckley and Lyons being absent during the decision-making process.

D.        CLIF Award:  Health Professional Shortage Area Designations for Humboldt County
Commissioner Fisher Larson recused herself and left the room for this Consent Calendar Item.
ACTION:  Consent Calendar Item D was approved as presented, with Commissioner Fisher Larson being absent during the decision-making process.

VI.  Action Item:  Commission Meeting Schedule 2015
Commissioner reviewed the draft meeting schedule 2015 at the last meeting.  Andrea updated the meeting schedule with input from Commissioners.  The updated meeting schedule for 2015 was reviewed and considered.
ACTION:  The Commission Meeting Schedule 2015 was approved as presented.

VII.  Information Item:  Annual Audit Report
This year, we contracted with Christy White Associates, an accounting firm with offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area, for doing our annual audit. 

Christy White introduced herself and shared information about her firm. Staff from the San Francisco Bay Area conducted the audit for the Commission this year.

Christy talked about the required structure of the audit report, which includes the Financial Section, which includes the Independent Auditor’s Report; the Management Discussion & Analysis; Basic Financial Statements; Fund Financial Statements; and Notes to Financial Statements.  Required Supplementary Information includes the General Fund Budgetary Comparison Schedule; and the Notes to Required Supplementary Information. Other Supplementary Information includes the Reconciliation of Annual Financial & Budget Report with Audited Financial Statements; Combining Balance Sheet; Combining Statement of Revenues; Expenditures & Changes in Fund Balances; Combining Balance Sheet-General Fund Sub-Funds; Combining Statement of Revenue, Expenditures & Changes in Fund Balances-General Fund Sub-Funds; and Notes to Supplementary Information.  Other Independent Auditor’s Reports include Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting; Compliance & Other Matters Based on an Audit of Financial Statements Performed in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards; and Report on State Compliance.  The Audit Reports closes with the Schedule of Findings; and the Summary of Prior Year Findings.

Christy reviewed the Audit Report with Commissioners, and highlighted the Management’s Responsibility and the Auditor’s Responsibility.  She talked about the Revenues and Program Expenses, Assets and Liabilities, and the Fund Balances. The Restricted and Committed Funds were reviewed. The new Accounting Pronouncements/GASB Statements were mentioned, i.e. #65 – Items Previously Reported as Assets and Liabilities; #68 – Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pensions – an amendment of GASB Statement #27; and #71 – Pension Transition for Contributions Made Subsequent to the Measurement Date – an amendment of GASB Statement #68.

Christy explained the Independent Auditor’s Report on State Compliance, which includes Compliance, Management’s Responsibility, Auditor’s Responsibility, Procedures Performed, and the Opinion. The procedures performed by her staff to determine the Commission’s compliance with the state laws and regulations applicable to the following items were reviewed:  Contracting and Procurement, Administrative Costs, Conflict of Interest, County Ordinance, Long-Range Financial Plans, Financial Condition of the Commission, Program Evaluation, and Salaries & Benefits Policies. The Opinion states that the Commission complied, in all material respect, with the compliance requirements referred to the above that are applicable to the state programs listed above for the year ended June 30, 2014.

Christy shared that there were no financial statement findings or non-compliance in Fiscal Year ended June 30, 2014. The Summary of Prior Year Findings was reviewed (Finding#2013-1), which Commission staff corrected and a system to monitor multi-year contracts was implemented.  The Status of the Prior Year Findings shows it has been Implemented.

Commissioners thanked Christy for her presentation. The Audit Report is due to First 5 California and the State Controller’s Office by November 1st, 2014.The Audit Report will be an Action Item at the next meeting.

VIII.  Information Item:  First 5 Annual Report
Evaluators Kim Puckett and Maria Vanderhorst reviewed sections of the Annual Report to be submitted to First 5 California. Kim explained the process in collecting the data for the worksheet of the Annual Report.  Evaluators have to follow specific First 5 California guidelines when entering data in the online worksheets.  The First 5 Annual Report has three sections.  Section 1 is the various demographic worksheets; Section 2 is the County Evaluation Summary; and Section 3 is the Revenue & Expenditure Summary.  Kim and Maria fill out Sections 1 and 2 and First 5 Humboldt staff fills out Section 3. The worksheets are divided by 4 result areas, which are Improved Family Functioning, Improved Child Health, Improved Child Development, and Improved Systems of Care.  Each result area is divided into service categories.

Every year, each County Commission submits a highlighted program as part of the reporting requirements. This year, we highlighted the work with the playgroups. Commissioners reviewed the highlighted program form.

The County Evaluation Summary has a 4,000 character limit for input, so information submitted is very confined. The County Evaluation Summary has three sections:  Evaluation Activities completed during the Fiscal Year; Evaluation Findings reported during the Fiscal Year; and Policy Impact of the Evaluation Results.  Commissioners reviewed the completed County Evaluation Summary.

Evaluators reviewed the TOOTH Program and Paso a Paso Program demographic worksheets with Commissioners.          

Wendy reviewed the 3rd Section “County Revenue and Expenditure Summary” with Commissioners.  The reported amounts in the Revenue & Expenditure Summary are consistent with the reported amounts in the Audit Report. The County Revenue and Expenditure Summary is broken out by Revenue Detail, Results and Services-Expenditure Details, Expenditure Detail, Other Financing Sources, Net Change in Fund Balance, and FY 2013/14 Fund Balance.  The Results and Services-Expenditure Details category is broken out by the 4 result areas and reports the amounts in each of the service categories. 

All the input gathered for Sections 1 through 3 produce an AR1/AR2 Summary Report, which shows the result area, service category, the status, total dollars spent, total number of children served, and total number of parents/other family members/providers served.  The total amount of dollars spent on programs was $1,225,260 in Fiscal Year 2013/14, with 6,569 children served (duplicated count) and 9,181 parents/other family members/providers served (duplicated count). Commissioners reviewed the AR1/AR2 Summary Report.

Commissioners thanked Kim and Maria for their presentation. The First 5 Annual Report is due to First 5 California by November 1st, 2014 (submitted online). The First 5 Annual Report will be an Action Item at the next meeting. 

IX.  Discussion Item: Breastfeeding in the Workplace
Commissioner Callahan facilitated a review of a proposal to support breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.  Commissioners received information about breastfeeding in the workplace at the last meeting.

Commissioners reviewed the draft proposal to allocate $10,000 to help secure technical assistance, provide activities, and educate local businesses about providing a supportive environment for breastfeeding employees and customers.

Humboldt County breastfeeding data reveals that we do have a problem with mothers being able to breastfeed their babies for one year.  Breastfeeding rates are high when mothers leave the hospitals with their infants at 75% exclusively breastfeeding. However, data from our local WIC Program indicates that the percentage of infants exclusively breastfeeding at two months of age is well below 75% and by six months of age the percentage of infants exclusively breastfeeding is down to 30-34%.  Providers serving mothers confirm that when mothers return to work or school, they report difficulty with breastfeeding and then ask to switch to formula.

Commissioner Callahan talked about hearing from playgroup mothers that they are not returning to work because they are breastfeeding and their employers do not have adequate spaces available for the mothers to breastfeed or to express breast milk.   For example some larger employers in Humboldt County do not have a designated area for breastfeeding mothers, i.e. Humboldt State University or College of the Redwoods.

California Labor Code law offers protection for working mothers to enable them to continue breastfeeding even after they return to work.  Employers are required to provide a clean and private space and a reasonable break time to express breast milk.  There is a concern that this law is not well understood by employers, and that working mothers find it difficult to negotiate their right to express breast milk during the workday.

The proposed strategy is to educate local businesses on the law, recognize local businesses that do support breastfeeding, strengthen our local Breastfeeding Taskforce, and identify breastfeeding advocates within the community.

Commissioners reviewed the proposed strategy and the suggested activities. Kit Boisvert Meyer shared that in her work at WIC she has seen a steep drop-off in breastfeeding mothers after they return to work. There currently are only 10 lactation consultants in Humboldt County, with some working full-time in other professions. It would be very beneficial if employers get educated about the law, how to support breastfeeding mothers, and the benefits of breastfeeding. Some businesses could be “highlighted” for their support of breastfeeding mothers and could be used as a model for other businesses. The supporting business could be given a Board of Supervisor Proclamation, if appropriate. Breastfeeding friendly stickers could be put into the windows of supporting businesses. A consultant could approach employers and provide a model policy and guidelines for breastfeeding employees. Positive, proactive ways to promote the existing law would be helpful.

Commissioner Callahan mentioned that one way to provide advocacy for breastfeeding is to educate playgroup leaders and child care providers. Commissioners discussed ways to advocate for breastfeeding mothers and had suggestions for expanding/updating the draft proposal and the budget. Commissioner Elliott suggested adding Evaluation activities in the proposal.

This Agenda Item will be continued at the next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm.

Next Meeting:
November 19, 2014
5 – 7 pm
Humboldt Area Foundation, Emmerson Room
363 Indianola Road, Bayside

Chair:  Ronnie Swartz

Minutes compiled by:  Andrea Sousa, Executive Secretary, First 5 Humboldt, 1012 - 2nd Street, Eureka, 95501

Future Meeting:
Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office

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Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office
Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office
Tuesday, March 24, 2015; 5 – 7 pm, Location TBD
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Tuesday, May 19, 2015; 5 – 7:30 pm, Location TBD
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Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015; 8 – 10 am, First 5 Office
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