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Our Vision:  All Humboldt County children thrive in healthy, supportive, nurturing families and neighborhoods, enter school ready to learn and become active participants of their communities.


Meeting Date and Time:   February 19, 2015 from 8:00 to 10:00 am

Location:    Office of FIRST 5 HUMBOLDT, 1012 Second Street, Eureka  CA 



I.   Welcome and Introductions


II.   Public Comments and Announcements


III.  Executive Director Report


IV.   Approval of Minutes:  Commission meeting minutes of January 8, 2015

V.  Consent Calendar:
The following items were reviewed and recommended for adoption and may be approved by a single vote.  Any member of the public may request the Commission to pull an item for further discussion.

A.       December 2014 Postings

B.      January 2015 Postings

C.     CLIF Award:  Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council

Reference:  Funding in the amount of $500 is requested as partial funding for the Annual Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council Roundtable scheduled for March 12, 2015.


VI.  Action Item:   Commission Officers

Reference: Per the Commission’s Bylaws, at the January Commission meeting officers for the Commission are proposed, and at a subsequent meeting nominees are selected by Commissioners. Commissioners will select officers for 2015.              (15 min)


VII.  Discussion Item: Healthy Beverage Policy
Reference: The Commission will discuss a proposed Healthy Beverage Policy for children in FIRST 5 HUMBOLDT funded programs, and adults attending FIRST 5 HUMBOLDT meetings and events.            (30 min) 


VIII.   Discussion Item:  Appreciative Inquiry in the Commission’s Work
Reference: Appreciative Inquiry has been a tool that has informed the Commission’s work for over a decade.  Commissioners will review elements of the process and  examples of how it has been applied.            (45 min) 



Next Meeting: March 24, 2015 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at the Humboldt County Office of Education in the Teacher Resource Room, 901 Myrtle Ave, Eureka.