Newsletter Summer 2011
Telling Stories In Spanish Print E-mail

By Antonio Alvarado

Hello parents, today I would like to share a small part of my experience in Storytelling in Spanish for the Share a Story program, supported by the Humboldt County Library and First 5 Humboldt. I have been doing this for almost five years and I am glad to do it. I remember the first months that I read, I felt nervous but eager to read stories to the kids, like I used to at night for my two daughters.

Am I Being Helpful? Print E-mail

By Sandi Little, Inclusion Specialist First 5 Humboldt

I recently gave a presentation on children with special needs and what I have witnessed parents going through after they find out they have a child who has special needs (google “Welcome to Holland”)

First Five Playgroup Times Print E-mail

Locations, and Contact Information

Things To Do Print E-mail

Here’s a list of inexpensive, fun, things to do with your child. Do you know of an event that should be in this section? Email it to Hillarie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Quantum Peeps by Toby Mays

Ask Omi Print E-mail

By Meg Walkley, Children and Family Specialist First 5 Humboldt

Recent tragedies involving young children in our community highlight the need for all of us to increase our vigilance and willingness to protect and support the children in our lives. I offer these ABC’s to help us remember three things all children need to help them grow into healthy adults.

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An enriching experience for kids and their parents

By Miriam Billinger Mother of Zoe Rose, age 1

My baby has gone through every toy, pot, pan, Tupperware and board book I can get in front of her. When I see her with the dog’s food bowl on her head and kibble all over the hall, I know it is time for us to get out of the house. Thankfully First 5 has 17 playgroups in Humboldt County including 5 in Southern Humboldt where we live.

Water Safety Tips Print E-mail

Young children are irresistibly drawn to water. These general water safety tips can help you keep your baby or small child safe in and around the home.