Newsletter Winter 2011
Connections With Other Parents An Important Source Of Support Print E-mail

By Shannon Simpson
Mom of Braedon age 3 and Aubrey, age 8 mos

One of the most important things I have learned since becoming a mother of two young children is that building connections with other mothers is invaluable. I feel very lucky to live in a community where there are many opportunities to make meaningful connections with other women in similar situations.

Widening The Welcome Print E-mail

By Sandi Little
Inclusion Specialist Humboldt County Office of Education

Our Omi is going to be training and giving information to our playgroup facilitators on “Welcoming and Supporting Families.” This got me to thinking about us, as participants, about how we can widen the welcome while we are at playgroup.

Full Time Guilt Print E-mail

By Lesley Frisbee
Mom of Huck, Age 4

I’m mother to one child. A boy age 4. My husband and I both work full-time. Our son has been in some form of childcare since he was 4 months old; by 18 months old he was in fulltime childcare. So when, during his third year of life, his behavior took a turn for the worse the level of guilt, frustration, and at times helplessness I felt brought me to tears on almost a daily basis. It seemed as if overnight my child had become “that kid.”

Things To Do Print E-mail

Here’s a list of inexpensive, fun, things to do with your child. Do you know of an event that should be in this section? Email it to Hillarie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Ask Omi Print E-mail

By Meg Walkley
Children and Family Specialist Especialista de los Niños y la Familia First 5 Humboldt

Travel, visiting relatives, winter colds, house-bound children, tight budgets, less nutritional food- these combine to increase stress levels for all ages during the Holiday Season. Yet, when you ask many people about their favorite Holiday memories, they often recall simple activities shared as a family, rather than an expensive toy or fancy meal. That is why I am encouraging all of you who participate in our First 5 Humboldt funded programs to give your family “The Gift of Time” this Season.

First Five Playgroup Times Print E-mail

First Five Playgroup Times, Locations, and Contact Information

Quantum Peeps Print E-mail