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Parents sometimes express concerns about bringing their young children to the library, worried that their children might be too active or too noisy for the other patrons. We reserve some space in our libraries for quiet study and reading, but the children’s area in each library is set aside for children and their families or caregivers. Library staff members encourage people in the children’s area to read and talk and sing, to explore their surroundings, and to enjoy one another’s company. We understand that sometimes children get upset, or noisy, or rambunctious. If a child is creating a hazard or an excessive distraction for other patrons, we will approach the parents to see if we can help – but we do not try to keep everyone quiet all the time.

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By Meg Walkley & Beth Heavilin

Feelings…nothing more than feelings

Trying to forget that tantrum that just happened at the store? Feelings can be the source of such joy in the parenting adventure, from first smiles and laughs to the first time your child tells you that they “love” you. Feelings also can be the prime source of embarrassment, frustration and anger. It can be so frustrating to care for a colicky infant who won’t stop crying or super embarrassing to deal with a toddler in full temper tantrum in public! As caregivers we experience a full range of feelings, probably on a daily basis. Infants have the capacity to feel a wide range of feelings from about 3 months of age on, but it takes a LONG, LONG time for children to develop healthy strategies to manage their feelings. (Even many adults struggle with healthy strategies to deal with big feelings!)

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Some of the current topics include:

  • Connections: Understanding Your Newborn — A 5-session class for families who are expecting or have newborn infants.
  • Positive Discipline — A series of 4 classes offered in Spanish to parents with children 0-8 years.
  • Parenting Counts “Hot Topic Series” — A 6-session series of parenting hot topics which build on one another.
  • SafeCare — An in-home based curriculum taught in 3 modules: health, safety and parent child or parent infant interaction.

Visit for more info!


First Five Playgroup Times, Locations, and Contact Information

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Summer is finally here, and for those of us not locked into the usual coastal fog pattern, things are heating up. In addition to the usual hot weather precautions like wearing hats, sunscreen and keeping to the shade during peak sunlight hours (10am-4pm) it is important to stay well hydrated. FIRST 5 HUMBOLDT strives to promote health and wellness through the promotion of healthy beverages. Check out our healthy beverage policy at

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Here’s a list of inexpensive, fun things to do with your child. Do you know of an event that should be in this section? Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Aquí está una lista de cosas divertidas y económicas para hacer con tu hijo. ¿Sabes de algún evento que debería anunciarse aquí? Envía un email a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it